Security Systems

Fort Knox Alarms understands that you may still have questions about security systems. You may even wonder if you really need one! We have provided a few details that we hope may help you make a more informed decision.

What are the types of security systems?

There are two specific types: monitored and unmonitored. The police are eventually notified through a monitored system. However, an unmonitored system only makes noise, hopefully alerting neighbors.

Do security systems keep burglars away?

No. They may, however, deter intruders who know the home or business is equipped with security. The good news is that most thieves will run off once an alarm sounds.

Should I purchase a security system?

If you want to maximize the security of your house or commercial property, a security system is a good choice.

If you decide to purchase a system, choose a reputable company like  Fort Knox Alarms ! Call us today at 504-828-4233.

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